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"If you’re used to suits from Macy’s or Men’s Warehouse, you’re going to love one of these suits plus you’ll get more value than a typical warehouse or department store suit for about the same price or less.
 The Baroni suits are better constructed that the average Warehouse/Department store suit which can sell for between $695-$895 and often offers lesser quality fabric, cheap fused construction and no tailoring details like pick stitching. Some Department store suits don’t even offer the faux button holes on the sleeves like the Baroni has!"
-- Andy Gilchrist
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July 31, 2007
DISENCHANTED with lack of choice and high prices at stores, men are joining women in turning to the internet when it comes to shopping for clothes.
 Official figures have confirmed for the first time that consumers are finally feeling comfortable about buying clothes on the internet.
A recent trade group report showed that internet clothing sales this year overtook those of computer equipment in the US for the first time since the start of online retailing a decade ago.
March 22, 2014
Hi Jeff,
I just wanted to let you know that my Daniele (Baroni) Olive Green suit arrived today. I've been in the business world for eighteen years, and have gone through many suits in that time. I can say without hesitation that this one is a beauty--even impressed my wife. I've paid more for "off the rack store suits" which didn't even come close to the quality of this one.
Yes, the suit is gorgeous, and I'll certainly feel good wearing it to work, and functions, but what really impressed me, was the service you personally offered me. First rate all the way. You helped work out a solution for my particular needs, shipped promptly, and were pleasant to deal with from start to finish. The product was exactly what you said it was, and I'll be coming to you again for my menswear needs.
The reason I'm a customer for life, however, is because of the incredible, friendly, fast, and honest, service you gave me.
Thank you so very much for all your help--I look forward to shopping with you again.
My sincerest regards,
Christopher M.
ps. To everyone else out there: you hear a lot of noise about what's a good suit and what's not a good suit, and why you should do this and not do this on eBay. If you're thinking of buying a suit from Jeff, but are a little bit unsure, don't be. He offers excellent product and value, at good price points. And, if you have any questions, just email him. He gets back to you in very quickly. cm.
 Hey Jeff - the suit is beautiful!  It arrived today and I just took the pants to get hemmed.  The jacket actually fits really well already, so I don't think it needs any adjustments.  I can't wait to show it off at a wedding this weekend!  I'll definitely be doing business with you again.
Take care.
I know you have a lot of satisfied customers, let me tell you, while I love my Baroni, the M. Valentino fits so perfectly all I needed to do was take 1.5 inches out of the waist of the pants and have them hemmed absolutely no changes to the Jacket (my tailor told me while I'm a 46 in the chest my shoulders justify the 48 and the cut of the jacket perfectly tapered to my frame).
The tailor commented that the construction of the suit was superb - he said it didn't indicate where it was made, but his guess would be Europe.  I told him I believe it is China by Italian craftsmen.  He said he's a stickler for fabric and said the fabric was superb - as a matter of fact he kept commenting on the fabric and showed me samples of fabric that was similar and said a great deal on a suit with that fabric would be $600.00 he simply could not believe what I had paid -
he also said I need to stick with that brand as he never saw an "off the rack" suit fit someone so superbly - not even a shoulder roll!  The only other suit that fits me almost as good off the rack is Hugo Boss - although the jacket sleves typically need to be shortened - my tailor said the fabric on the Hugo doesn't even compare to the M. Valentino (not to mention the price difference!)- he asked for your information and said he definately will recommend you.  I've seen the postings about tailors loving the suits - but seeing it first hand was quite satisfying.  As I was leaving he was looking at seams, the construction, rolling the fabric in his hands,  just shaking his head saying what a beautifully made suit with superb fabric!
Thanks Jeff. Took the suits to the tailor and he was really impressed with the quality of the fabric and the workmanship. I love my Baroni suits.
Greetings Jeff
Suit arrived today, Fantastic quality, great fit and excelent service. Thank you so much, will highly recomend you to any one I know looking for a quality suit.Thank you once again. Cheers From Down Under
 I recently purchased three Baroni suits from Wizard of Ahhs (ebay), and wanted to offer my opinion. The suits arrived on time and well packaged. Price was ~ $260 with shipping. I was impressed by the the look and initial fit of suits (not slim but not baggy - good for an average build).

More importantly, when I picked the suits up from having them altered, my trusted tailor (who makes bespoke suits) could not stop going on about the quality of the material and construction, and did so without me asking. He asked where I got them (I think he's used to altering J.A.B. and department store), and when I told him where and how much, he was shocked. Of course he said a custom suit would fit slightly better, but for much less than 25% of the price (especially given the Super 150 fabric), he said the Baronis were well worth the money.

This is my experience. I recommend these suits if you are in the market for good quality, but not interested in bespoke pricing.

Got the blue one today. It actually fits better than the charcoal one! Just need to hemm the pants. I'll be contacting you when it's time for a new black one.
You are a fantastic merchant.
 Hi Jeff,

just a short story with our customs :) This time I went to pick up the package with your invoice. Clerk (a woman) asked me for permission to open it before me ...She touched the suit with Aaaahhhs :) and asked her colleague (also woman) to look at it...Her response were WOW : ) They just could not believe that it was worth 55USD as stated in invoice :) I explained them that the suite looks luxurious, though it is cheap chinese piece..:) After some discussion they found the cufflinks (free bonus as I explained)...Anyway, your package label and invoice worked well and I gladly paid the tax :)
Suit is great, fits me well (it is my first two button suit) and honestly, is breath-taking. I am absolutely satisfied with your service, communication, caring and the quality of goods. No problem whatsoever.

Bratislava, Slovak Republic
Jeff: I got the suits today, they are beautiful!  I thought I would like the ash gray the best but the navy is exquisite.  I tried the jackets on and they seem to fit perfectly fine (and will indeed be perfect once my tailor gets his hands on them).  I have to head out of town right now but when I get back on Monday I will try on the pants as well and go over every inch of the suits just to be sure there are no issues.  If I find something, which I doubt, I will get back to you no later than Monday. Thanks again for exceptional product and service.  I can’t talk you up enough. -Jason
OK, Jeff, thank you.
I have posted my repeated positive reference with you at my fashion blog's Facebook page (see so I hope it helps you to attract some other customeres.
I have already written about you once on Facebook page and you are even noticed on my page where to buy online clothes:
Sorry, it is everything in Czech.
Jeff - got the suit today, my funeral is saturday so the color is just perfect, I may ask the undertaker to remove the suit before the creamation-some guy at the goodwill store will get a good buy - fat chance any of this is going to happen ,love the suit, I'm taking my vitamins again and hope to lose a few pounds in the next few weeks. you are the Wizard of AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhs after all. Will tell everyone I know about your site!!!! Happy T Day
Ed V.
Hey Jeff,
I wanted to take the time to write this letter to you. Feel free to use it on your references page. I can hardly believe that I’m so excited about the products you sell, that I’m willing to take the time out of my day to write a letter lol.
I purchased from you a Marco Valentino charcoal suit and a Baroni Navy pinstripe suit. I am incredibly happy with both. I’m a student at FIU and I attend these accounting association meetings on campus. I can honestly say that while wearing your suits, I am the best dressed student in a room of close to a hundred people. In fact, I am better dressed than the recruiters themselves. It is unfortunate, that most students and even recruiters will never notice. They simply don’t have the eye for things like that.
I also wanted to say that the shirt I purchased from you is also amazing. The handmade in Italy, white shirt with French cuffs, is simply amazing. I have never worn a shirt of such quality. The shirt screams quality!
I’ve worn it twice already, and I must say that I don’t think I will ever go back to JCpenny or even most Macy’s shirts again. I have never worn a better shirt in my life. I definitely want to purchase more.
Also, the suits are the best suits I have ever worn. I cannot see myself buying from a department store ever again. Why would anyone? Knowing that I can get way better quality from you for a great price is enough to steer me away from department stores for good.
I honestly hope you stay in business for the rest of your life (and mine). That way I can buy everything from you in the years to come!
Yours truly,
Jason F.
Hello Jeff  I’ve just received the suit. I would have only one word “Magnifique” (it’s French but I guess you understand what it means)Seriously, I would have never thought it could be possible get a suit of such quality at this price moreover through an ebay auction and from an American ebay seller. I read so many stories about “Suits sold on line badly made in Chinese factories with cheap cloth” My wife thought I was crazy to send 200$ to “some guy in  California” and hoping to get a suit in return. You proved her wrong.If ever one day I considered starting a suit retailer business in France I would definitely choose you as my supplier. ;-)) Unfortunately it is not my area of expertise. ;-))Nevertheless I will parade wearing your suit and you can be sure I will talk of your Ebay Store. Thanks a lot Cyrille
 Hello Jeff,
so I´ve sent the payment. Thank you for the discount, you are really kind seller!!! If only everyone was like you. I´m already looking forward to getting that great belt. It´s really good feeling you know to have something of 1# quality and don´t have to pay hundreds of bucks for it. Thank you again and will do business again with you. Maybe another belt, new suit. Who knows :-) By the way, the last Valentino suit (wool/silk) in black color with grey/golden stripes is really marvelous, soft touch !!!!  Have a nice day
   Let me first say that I only found out about the "Wizard of Aahs" because I was reading through forums for opinions on "Indochino" suits and found your "rant" about Darya/Davinci which I completely share.  Today I received my Indochino "custom" suit, which required over 2 hours of my time in measuring myself and costing over $100 more than the Baroni. Wow, what a difference.
When my not-that-great custom Indochino suit fit poorly in ways that I couldn't even figure out, I get a ridiculous boilerplate response from them about how I need to take photos of myself wearing the thing and send them in so they can try again.  On the other hand, before even trying on the Baroni - 1st impression was that the fabric was MUCH nicer versus the Indo.  Secondly, thank you for including the beautiful tie - very nice touch.  Last and most importantly, the suit fit my hard-to-fit physique surprisingly well and right out of the box nonetheless.
Thank you for your impeccable and personal customer service.  Its reassuring to know there are still internet sellers out there that can be trusted.  I look forward to wearing more of your suits to the courtroom in the future!
Thanks again,
Nick A.
  Hi Jeff, I just wanted to personally thank you for such a great product and quick delivery. The suits look great and once tailored fit like no other. I've been so impressed I have been recommending you to several people so hopefully you will see more orders coming from my area. Thanks again Jeff!
Robert S. Bunzey III
I just wanted to write quickly to say thanks – the suits arrived yesterday and are absolutely fantastic!  I’ll certainly be back again next year when I need anymore suits (probably 1 or 2 more in late Jan/ early Feb.
Regards, and thanks again
Liam B.
I got my new suit back from the tailor a few days ago, and just wanted to let you know that I am indeed completely thrilled.  In fact, I got several compliments from other customers in my tailor's waiting area.  One gentleman was particularly interested and I was very happy to recommend the Wizard of Aahs!  Thanks for your excellent customer service and pleasurable buying experience.  I look forward to ordering again from you in the future. All best wishes for a very Happy New Year!
 Best regards,
Hi Jeff. I just received the first shipment.  The suits are amazing!  I'm going to see my client this afternoon and I know he will be as excited as I am.  Thank you for continuing to work with me and I definitely look forward to meeting you one day and to continue working with you. Cara
Hi Jeff,

I just wanted to let you know that the Marco Valentino charcoal windowpane suit I purchased from you arrived today. My feelings on this purchase are a mixture of happiness and frustration. The suit itself is great!  It fits beautifully and looks brilliant - it certainly looks much more expensive than it is and the quality is wonderful.  It is at the tailor being altered right now (just sleeves and trouser length) and I am looking forward to wearing it to the office next week.  

Why my feelings of frustration???  Before buying this, I spent a lot of money on two Zegna suits just before Christmas!  For the money I spent, I could have bought a number of these instead and kept the change! Thanks again Jeff.  I will certainly be buying again from you. Just one query.  The cut on this suit is very nice.  If however, I wanted something even more tapered, do you offer something with a slimmer cut?  The cut on this is fine - no problem, but something even slimmer would be just a touch sharper...
Costas T.
Melbourne, Australia.
The suit arrived and I have to say it far exceeded my expectations. It is exactly what I wanted and looks amazing. Can't thank you enough...
Looking forward to buying from you again
 Hi Jeff, I received my items yesterday, and I just wanted to say thanks. I areally impressed! Everything fits perfectly, the pattern on the blazer
is very slick, and the quality is superb. The tie really makes the whole ensemble very elegant. Thanks again for your service!
 I finally took my suit I bought from you several months ago to my local tailor. He didn't say anything about the suit so I finally asked him what he thought of the suit. He starts looking at it, wondering if it's all wool and then checks the label to find that it is. I then told him what I paid for it and he lets out a long whistle and woooeee(probably the Korean equivalent of Gomer Pyles "shazzaam". He then starts looking at details of the handwork and lining etc. He felt the quality was on par with an Italian made suit or NewYork. He said that 10 years ago, the first Chinese made suits were junk, but quality was now equal to the Italian suits because China had people that were very skilled at the handwork'. Will wear it to a dept. meeting next friday- going for the "gangsta" look with a black herringbone shirt and black Zenga tie.
Ed V.
Jeff, I must apologize as this email is long overdue. I have to thank you for the terrific transaction. The suit is fantastic. Your service and communication are second to none. The suit arrived at it's destination much faster than I expected. I'm quite certain that you have another repeat customer on your hands! Regards, Shaun
Rec'd the jacket, pants and tie today, they are absolutely spectacular!  Wanted to let you know that everything arrived undamaged and that I am very pleased.  Thanks, we will do more business in the future. Denis S.
Jeff, thanks. I must say your customer service is exemplary. As a sales exec, I appreciate the professionalism and value you place on the customer. Best,  William C.
 Your the only person I'll buy a suit from!! If you ever go out of business i'll have to buy 10. LOL
 Jeff:  I just wanted to take a quick minute to confirm that the suit arrived, in perfect condition as always.  There's not too much to say I haven't already said several times before, but it seems appropriate to remark, once again, that your quick shipping, prompt replies and wonderful product make you a pleasure to do business with.  I look forward to the next opportunity to do just that and, in the interim, wish you continued success!
Hello Jeff, You helped me out a few months back when I bought a few Daniele suits.  I was hoping to get the above captioned suit with an unpleated pant.  Hoping you have this available. By the way, I'm sure you've heard this a million times but my tailor wouldn't shut up about what great suits these are.  He'd given me similar compliments with other suits (Hickey Freeman and Burberry) but not with the same level of enthusiasm.  
Best regards,
Hi Jeff,
I got the three suits yesterday.  They're very nice looking, and feel great.  Not that I expected otherwise, based on the past.  Oh, and thanks for the free tie!  It's also possible that I may be looking to get a couple more.Thanks :)
Hello Jeff !!!  Your package was delivered to me today already !!! Everything is just fine , slacks are great and the tie is beautiful I won't have made a better choice myself , thank you very much !!! It is a real pleasure doing business with you and I will be back again ........Have a great day , best regards , Vincent .
 Hi Jeff,   Just wanted to thank you again for the quality product and great service. My tailor was impressed with the quality of the fabric, the detailing and the overall fit of the suit. The only thing he said was that the front of the jacket rides up slightly, which may be attributed to my broad chest. Thanks again. I might try one of your full canvas suits in the future. I'll be sure to spread the word.
Best regards, arren    
 Hi Jeff:  was just looking through my closet and thought of you.  If you'll remember I bought about 15 suits from you last year.  I wanted to drop you a line and let you know how pleased I still am with everything in my closet.  I hope you are well and business is still going strong.  I'd buy something but damn...I already have so many!  I still get those crazy "Did you see that guy?" looks from the guys and girls! Thanks for making me look so good...literally.  Don't ever stop! ake Care Bro, Greg A
Just letting you know – wearing the suit today for the 3rd or 4th time – it’s great and exactly as advertised. Thanks again,.Matthew T, CFP  Investment Advisor
 Dear style-wizard,

Wow jeff I though that old gentelmen classmenship was forever lost I am so glad their a few still around that have it real class and I turly thank you also it's been a pleasure doing business with you.
- bentic0_0
 Hi Jeff,Just to let you know, the suit arrived today and it is fabulous. It fits perfectly too. Thank you again for being a gentleman and giving me a great deal. Take Care,Bill
Dear style-wizard,
Hi Jeff,
 I just wanted to let you know that we received the Valentino suit today, and we are extremely pleased.   It is the most exquisitely well-made suit that I have seen thus far with its finely detailed stitching and its quality drape.  It is like it was made for him.  The trousers are 35" after asking if you had a 34", and these too, fit very well, with a slight alteration, if any.  I very strongly recommend you as a seller and will be sure to keep you on our list.  I read an article about your company on the internet months ago regarding the DaVinci.....E-Bay seller, and I am really happy that I did not go through him.    I wanted to investigate him and came across your site.  Yes, you are highly professional, quite impressive and exude excellence in every way...... Kindest regards and thanks again, Natalia - english*da
 Hi Jeff,Wanted to follow up and say I received the suits and they are AMAZING! They fit me perfectly and I didn’t even need to get the jackets tailored. As you know, I work on Wall Street and have received many complements regarding the quality and fit of the suits. When I took the pants to a top tailor in New York City he said they were of the highest quality. Thank you so much! Best, Nick  
 Jeff, Thank you so much for getting back to me so fast. After reading your comforting email my discord was placed to rest.
JEFF,  OH MY GOD. The suit arrived today at my door step around 13:00 hrs east coast time. I am speechless. Thank you so much!!!!  I own several 1500. $ suits, and  just for "S&G'"s I wanted to see what a $150.00 Suit looked and felt like. OH boy was I sup prized.  You suit for 1/10th the cost felt better and looked better than my other suits. Although they are 2 years old but in mint condition. Not saying I have bad taste in Suits BUT  You have toped them all. I would like to continue to do business with you.
Thank You so much......! Andrew
I got the new Baroni grey suit you exchanged for me today. It fits great, looks great, just need to have it tailored a little. Thank you for your kindness when I let you know the Marco Valentino suit did not fit to my liking and your laser fast response time and fast shipping. This has been the most pleasant internet transaction ever. Great customer service.
Vincent J.